Board of Directors

Women Business Owners of North Florida

Board of Directors


  Karen Green, President
                       Women’s Digest
                       Phone:   350-0807
                       Fax: 992-7230

     Dea Sims, Vice-President
                       Promo Depot
                       Phone:   998-4196
                       Fax: 998-4198
     Gwen Griggs, Secretary
                       Gwen Hutcheson Griggs PA
                       Phone: 396-7333
                       Fax: 396-7881
     Eve Brown, Treasurer
                       Presser, Lahnen and Edelman, CPA’s
                       Phone:   296-9333
                       Fax: 296-4208

    Erin Shirley, Past President
                       Priority Management – Jacksonville, Inc.
                       Phone:   992-9911
                       Fax: 992-9191

     Doug Wilder, Program
                       Wilder Business Success, Inc.
                       Phone:  828-0099
                       Fax: 739-7764

     Julia Fox, Public Relations
                       Premier Software Consulting, Inc.
                       Phone:   287-6823
                       Fax: 287-1052

     Bonnie Barnes, Hospitality
                       Phone: 463-0513
                       Fax: 249-1088

     Kim Knapp, Membership Co-Chair
                       Dental Temps of Northeast Florida
                       Phone:   220-4459
                       Fax: 220-3769
     Mary Lou Hughes, Membership Co-Chair
                       Nature Vue Skylights
                       Phone:   268-9176
                       Fax: 268-0646

     Jill Harris, Long Range Planning
                       A Jazzy Wrap
                       Phone:   215-2075
                       Fax: 215-8254

     Kim Stanley, Communication
                       Kim Stanley Insurance & Financial Services
                       Phone:   247-6752
                       Fax: 247-4570

     Terry Rainey, Education
                       Investment Education of NE Florida LLC
                       Phone: 396-0447
                       Fax: 396-0465

     Nancy Cofield, Area Meeting Coordinator
                       Corporate Investment International of NF, Inc.
                       Phone:   996-1666
                       Fax: 996-1617

     Kate Caruso, Sustaining Member Representative
                       WJCT Public Broadcasting
                       Phone: 358-6317 
                       Fax: 358-6331

     Susan Hartley, Newsletter
                       Sir Speedy Printing
                       Phone:   353-5259
                       Fax: 353-3073

     Christine Sundberg, Information Technology
                       Bayhill Computer Care
                       Phone:   264-9049
                       Fax: 264-9108

     Melanie Diehm, Special Events
                       TOP Management Group
                       Phone:  230-0212
                       Fax: 287-2049

     Jean Shimp, WBO Historian
                       Shimp Sign & Design, Inc.
                       Phone:  241-9990
                       Fax: 241-3957