Welcome Women Business Owners

WBO is recognized as the premier women's entrepreneurial organization in North Florida, increasing recognition of women business owners and their successes and encouraging ownership by women in business. Our Mission is to inspire women business owners to grow through networking, education, and support.

No Dinner Meeting in March
Campaign for Women's History Month
GUIDELINES : 2-Part Challenge
FIRST: In absence of a March Meeting, have WBO members make a real commitment to visit as many of the Roundtable Meetings as possible and show support to the women who faithfully organize them.
SECOND: Encourage WBO members to have one-to-one meet-ups at each other's offices, or for a drink, or for a coffee, or a walk in the park, all in an effort to truly get to know each other. I am not talking about doing this en masse (i.e., meet in groups of 6, etc.). We are truly talking about one-on-one meetings with members we don't really know or haven't spent time with lately. You may only meet with a couple of ladies during March, but WOW! How awesome would some one-on-one time mean. REMEMBER: This is a challenge, not a contest. All who engage this challenge come out winners!
LASTLY: WBO members are encouraged to take selfies to put on the WBO FB Page and highlight on our own social media.  Hashtags will be: #WBONFL #GetToKnowYourSister
Any questions contact WBO Programs Chair - Janet Herrick 904.662.1954 / [email protected] or Susan Severson - Roundtable Meetings Chair
904.382.6802 / [email protected]