About WBO


Mission: To create and recognize opportunities to lift up the successes of

women  in the business world, both individually and collectively. 

Winning visibility for WBO and its Members — 

  • WBO will be recognized as the premier women’s entrepreneurial organization in North Florida, increasing recognition of women business owners and their successes.

Opening Up Increased Access to Capital —  

  • WBO will assist women business owners with their concerns over equal access to credit and financing through education, development and support of alternative sources of financing, and participation in micro lending efforts.

Mobilizing Economic Clout —  

  • WBO will demonstrate the financial power and economic impact of women-owned businesses in North Florida by growing its membership to represent a diverse cross-section of women business owners in North Florida, and by measuring and reporting their collective impact.

Encouraging Mentoring Connections  

  • WBO will support women business owners with practical educational opportunities and with mentors who offer encouragement, advice and networking assistance.

Nurturing Leadership Capabilities — 

  • WBO will accept its role as the voice of women owned businesses by exercising the leadership necessary to influence decisions that open door of opportunity for women; and by grooming its members for future leadership roles in the organization and in the community as a whole.