Welcome Women Business Owners

WBO is recognized as the premier women's entrepreneurial organization in North Florida, increasing recognition of women business owners and their successes and encouraging ownership by women in business. Our Mission is to inspire women business owners to grow through networking, education, and support. 



President's Message from KC Padget  

What an honor to serve as President of the Women Business Owners of North Florida for the 2017-2018 year!

Last year the goal and theme was "Simplify 2.0" which included the writing and implementing policies and procedures, performing an assessment of the organization, implementing needed changes to the bylaws, mission and vision statement, as well as branding and logo.

With Jeannie Fredrick's guidance and leadership, we completed all of the areas and look forward to continuing with coordinated branding of WBO.

This year, the goal and theme is "GRIT." 
G is for Growth of our organization.
R is for Resilience in helping our WBO sisters recover quickly from difficulties in their personal and business lives.
I is for Integrity in our word and actions as members undivided in our desire to inspire women business owners to grow through networking, education, and support.
T is for Tenacity - having the perseverance and determination to overcome obstacles that present themselves.

Education chair Laura Sabo, Program chair Vernetta Borden, Area Meeting Chairs Margaret Meier and Susan Severson, and Membership chair Cheryl Bowen will be working together to develop robust programs geared toward growth for WBO.  This may include mentors for our new members, so be sure and volunteer.

Past President Pixie Larizza will be chair of our "Signature Event" to be held on March 8, 2018.  This educational event was a huge success last year, and will be topped off with a celebration honoring our Distinguished Member.

Finally, I couldn't be more excited about this upcoming year and hope you are too!

K. C. Padget
WBO President
North Florida Financial Corporation



We are pleased to announce the 2017-2018 WBO Board of Directors installed at the recent monthly dinner meeting at Deer Creek Country Club.


Left to Right: KC Padget, President; Melissa Dietz, Secretary; Mari Ibanez, Treasurer; Jeannie Fredrick, Past President; Marie Monahan, Marketing Chair; Sharon Knoll, Hospitality Chair; Susan Severson, Area Meeting Chair; Margaret Meier, Area Meeting Co-chair; Diane Faulkner, Strategic Partnerships; Jackie Green, Governance; Cheryl Bowen, Membership Chair; Vernetta Borden, Programs Chair.

Not Present: Kim Storm, Vice President; Stacie Perron-Smith, Hospitality Co-chair; Kim Ramsaier, Special Events Chair; Laura Sabo, Education 

Monthly Dinner Meeting
Monday, July 24th
Location: Deercreek Country Club
7616 McLaurin Road North
Jacksonville, FL 32256

2017 July  Dinner Meeting

July Dinner Meeting Speaker


Michele McManamon

 Member Spotlight Speaker


Jacqueline Green, Esq.
The Green Law Firm of Jacksonville, P.L.


WBO Retreat 2017
Mission Inn Resort & Club
September 15-17
All members of Women Business Owners of North Florida and their guests are invited to the 35th Annual WBO Retreat

2017 Retreat Registration & Sponsorship



2017 Retreat News!

  • Early Bird Registration:   Ends July 24!  Additional $20. for registration after the 24th.
  • A Memberclicks Email:  Sent out July 15 to gather incomplete information from registered attendees.  Please respond asap if you received one.
  • Goodie Bags:  Open to all who wish to donate to fill 75 bags!  (not just literature).  Erica Benson: erica@ericabenson.com   for questions/donations.
  • Sponsorships: August 21 deadline!!  Open to members and all area businesses.  Be sure logos are on advertising pieces.   Jillian Hubbard jillianh@advancedfurnituresolutions.com for questions/information  Hi res company logo goes to jean@shimpsigns.com 
  • Roommates:  Need a roommate?  Let us know.  We will match you with someone.
  • Who Can Attend WBO Retreat:  Any women can attend - you don't have to be a member of WBO.  You don't have to be a women business owner.
  • Information or questions: Dana Stallings jacksonville@kilwins.com  cell 904-881-4669 or Haley Stallings  hms516@gmail.com



























 2017-18 Business Directory:

Please check all your information on wbonfl.org in the Member Directory (under WBO Membership) to be sure your information is current. Any questions for listing only contact Kim Ramsaier at artdept@printedjustright.com.